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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Edition: It is considered edition the whole published number of  identical prints.

Limited Edition: a promise not to make more than a specific amount of prints for an edition. Let us explain more clearly. When you see a couple of number in the bottom side of the print, i.e. 12/68, it means that it is the twelfth copy of an edition of 68 pieces.

Open Edition (Prints): It comes unsigned. An open edition is not numbered and can be reprinted without limit. Usually, an open Edition is printed on high quality, premium matte photo paper media and size no more than 11" x 16" (29,7 x 42 cm).

Artist's Proof: a preliminary subset edition used by the printer, publisher and artist to achieve the best possible prints in the regular limited edition. Usually they will sell faster than the regular edition. Artist's Proofs typically number 5 - 10%  of the total edition. They are generally considered a status symbol in the art collecting world bringing their resale value proportionally higher than the regular edition.

C.O.A.: A Certificate Of Authenticity coming with the artwork detailing the edition (Limited only. No C.O.A. will come with Open Edition.). Info relate to how many A.P. (Artist Proof), how many regular, how many in total, medium, size, etc. It also bear a fingerprint of the artist.

Q: How many copies of a Limited Edition are usually released?
A: Usually between 50 an 100 copies*. It can be released in  no more than two size** and each of them is a different edition.

Q: Is an art reproduced in two sizes the same edition?
A: No, since they are not identical in size, they are considered two separate printings and two separate editions. Anyway, we repeat that no more than two edition (size) will be released for the same art (subject).

Q: If a print is limited to 68, are the A.P. (Artist Proofs) part of the limited edition?
A: Yes, they are part of the edition even if, sometime, some of them may slightly differ from the regular issue in color or white borders (they calls "artist proofs", in fact). Usually they are in number 5%-10% of the edition. Detailed info about it will come with the C.O.A. (Certificate Of Authenticity) sent with the artwork.

Q: What is, qualitatively, the difference between Limited Edition and Print (Open Edition)?  
A: Prints are often of a smaller size and produced with less expensive materials. A limited Edition is printed on a special, acid free, heavy paper (between 300 and 420 gr. heavy)

Q: I have a gallery and would like to sell your prints, do you make wholesale deals?
A: Yes, please feel free to inquire about wholesale print deals.

Q: If I want a specific number, can I pick it?
A: Yes. If you are wanting a specific numbered print, feel free to ask for availability. We do not sell prints in order and, if nobody else has asked for the print you are looking for, we will be happy to sell that print to you.

*   Before 2001 some editions have been released in a higher amount.
** Before 2001 some editions have been released in three or four size.

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